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Our Care Policy

Coastal Childcare prides itself on providing quality childcare with the flexibility to meet your needs in the region. Coastal Childcare is Owner operated by myself Sheryl, experienced and police checked to ensure your child is left in safe hands.

Coastal Childcare is committed to providing quality care for your child.  We are committed to delivering the best care in line with our Policy.

Developmental Need of Children:

  • Provide a warm, caring and loving environment for children.
  • Respect the uniqueness and talents of each child.
  • Plan developmentally appropriate play and learning experiences.
  • Enhance each child’s self esteem and independence.
  • Provide safe and healthy care for children.
  • Recognise children’s interests and provide for their needs
  • Teach communication skills and help them to interact effectively.

Interaction with Parents/Employers:

Meet the family before undertaking employment and obtain if not already provided a written agreement of work.

  • Develop positive and effective communication with the family.
  • Show sensitivity to the family’s situations, individual needs and support them in their task of nurturing children.
  • Respect the family’s confidentiality and right to privacy.
  • Work in partnership with the parents in child rearing practices and respect their culture and beliefs.
  • Keep individual record and health documentation.
  • Perform duties as negotiated and keep to routine times.

Personal Development and Professionalism:

  • Maintain high standard of professional conduct.
  • Update qualifications including 1st Aid Training and continue to undertake professional growth activities.
  • Maintain an appropriate appearance, be a language model and demonstrate manners.
  • Use initiative and evaluate programs and work practises practices witthin Child Care Regulations and duty of care, this includes having a current Working with Children’s Check. WWC
  • Understand the limits of competence and work within them.

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